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There are more than 100 implant systems in USA. Every implant came with specific design and most importantly, prosthetic parts.

You need to know exactly:

Which implant system (sometimes sub-system) are you dealing with?

Which platform (Narrow, Regular, wide etc). 

What you're going to design?


These information is for professional use and must be used by trained personnel.

Our Libraries are divided by following catagories:


  Model Scanbody Intra-Oral Scanbody
  Korean non-Korean Korean non-Korean
Custom Abutment (Premilled) Arum 100 Series Arum 200 Series Arum 1100 Series Arum 1200 Series
Hybrid Abutment (Ti-Base) Arum 300 Series Arum 400 Series Arum 1300 Series Arum 1400 Series
Special Library out of Disks (engaging and non-engaging) Arum 500 Series Arum 600 Series Arum 1500 Series Arum 1600 Series
Multiunit Systems Arum 800 Series Arum 800 Series - -


for information about specific implant brands please refer to this list.

Library for Model Scanbody

Library for Intra-Oral Scanbody


Exocad DentalCAD Libraries:

Library for Model Scanbody

Library for Intra-Oral Scanbody

Library for Analogs (Model Creator)


If you need any assistance for installation or need technical support; please write to email address or WhatsApp number. Our COLLEAGUES are more than happy to help you.